Elden Ring: An Experience of Art

Avoiding Spoilers Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s newest addition to the “Souls” genre, which is notorious for it’s difficulty, unique combat, and is quite possibly the most talked about release in a long time.  This grand adventure is one of the hottest topics I’ve seen across…

Is smaller better? My time with the iPhone 13 Mini.

Everyone is obsessed with size. And for most everyone – bigger is better. But Apple decided to do something different, making a Mini option on the iPhone 13. So – does size matter?

AirPods 3 – Cool or Cold?

AirPods. I laughed at them originally. Seeing people with white sticks poking out of their ears, I thought it would never catch on. Oh, how wrong I was. However, I’m happy to have been wrong, having bought a pair of 1st Gen AirPods in 2019….