Mike O.

Editor in Chief, Founder

Mike, as a founder of EFNcool, had always dreamed about running a website that is inviting to various people who write about whatever they find interesting regarding media and entertainment. Mike is first and foremost a husband and father. He’s also an avid fan of Legend of Zelda, Pro Wrestling, Tech, etc.


Chris B.

Managing Editor, Founder

Chris has been covering toys and collectibles for over 20 years and has worked for, and with, a number of big-name toy companies over that time period.


Eric B.

Executive Editor, Graphic Design, Founder

Eric is a Marketing professional and Graphic Designer. He loves podcasting; producing, editing and hosting podcasts related to Power Rangers and Star Trek – two of his lifelong fandoms.  You can also find him streaming video games like Fortnite, Halo and more.


Mike E.

Social Media and Creative, Founder

Mike is an award winning film director and creative content specialist based in London, UK.

Michelle M

Michelle M.

Voice of EFNpod and Content Editor

Michelle is a voice over specialist, wife and creative mother to two wild and crazy boys! She’s a big fan of Netflix shows and documentaries as well as MCU, Star Wars and more! 


Zach L.

Author, Founder

Zach LaVoy is a geek of many trades. A former child actor, Zach has been a karaoke host, podcast co-host, and has dabbled in various other geeky pursuits. He was brought on to EFNcool to write about all of his favorite things.


Mason M.

Multimedia Manager, Programmer, Founder

Mason is a husband, father, programmer and musician. He’s an NFL fan, reality tv junkie and nerd of all things MCU, Star Wars, Power Rangers, Digimon, Pokemon, Fortnite, etc! Mason is an entrepreneur, currently working in the HR space, designing applications that make the lives of HR professionals easier! 


Tyler Mc.


Tyler is a big fan of D&D, the MCU, and Radiant Black. He primarily write tips and guides for Game Masters and Players of TTRPGs, but also is very likely to write about any of his many passions and interests. In his spare time he likes to cook, ski, hang out with family, and play D&D with his dorky friends.


Lee R.


Lee fashions himself a media generalist with a focus on voice-over and podcasting. If there’s news about Star Wars, Destiny 2, of Assassin’s Creed, that’s where you’re likely to find him. He likes long walks on the beach, and pirate shanties.


Doug F.


Doug Fink is gay and writes about reality TV—go figure. You can also find him podcasting between naps about Pokémon, Spider-Man cartoons, and Pixar films.




Laura loves video games, anime, Dungeons and Dragons, and many other things! She also loves her 2 Cats and can’t wait to be an old cat lady!




Victoria is a lifelong toy collector, especially focusing on Star Wars. She is the creator of Victoria’s Cantina on YouTube and hostess of Cantina Chatter Podcast, The Vintage Collection Podcast, and Discoveryland.


Tyler B.

Tyler B. is quite an encyclopedia when it comes to many topics. Do you want to know who wrote & directed a specific Power Rangers episode? He’s your guy. What about your curiosity about why the original Thomas & Friends series was spread out over so many years? Turn to him. How about his thoughts on why Nickelodeon is so beloved? Get ready to read a novel. He also wants to pursue a career in Children’s Television, in which he feels EFNCool is a great outlet to express his opinions of it on.

Carl N.

Carl is simply trying to share his love in nerd culture with the world. While fighting games are by far his biggest passion in video games, he is also an avid fan of action RPGs, like Dark Souls. He loves anime (especially of the mecha variety). If he can peak one person’s interest into one of these genres he considers it a success!

Devin P.


Devin is a nerd of all trades with speciality in Tokusatsu and retro gaming (among other things), plus obscure pop culture trivia.  He’s hoping to bring some fun and insight in his writing! Please enjoy and thank you for reading!


Squall C.


Squall  is an actor and host, most recently on Shout! Factory’s “Lets Talk Toku” series.

****These Bio’s were written by each individual person****