Gotham Knights has been on a whirlwind of a release schedule since it was first announced in 2020! If you haven’t heard much about this game, it is meant to be a solo or co-op adventure game surrounding the Knights of Gotham. While excluding Batman, it features Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood as playable characters. The game is set at a time when Bruce Wayne has died. The Court of Owls gets their debut in a video game as the main antagonist as well.

Recent News

A new gameplay trailer has been released for the game, highlighting Red Hood and Nightwing. See below:

After watching this trailer, it really made the game much more exciting to me. Also to note, it has been announced that the game will only be available for Next-Gen consoles (PS5/X-Box Series X/S) and PC. This may be upsetting to some people, but to me, makes the game a day 1 instant purchase. This game has been delayed, so much so that this wasn’t even on my radar until today. We’ve seen past titles like CyberPunk that have suffered from trying to make a great game compatible with every console fail badly at launch. So, I’m really glad that they are taking this approach. 

Story Setup

This game is not set in the Arkham-verse, but almost feels like a spiritual sequel to Rocksteady’s Arkham Knight with the supposed death of Bruce Wayne. Knowing the backstory of The Court of Owls from reading The New 52 Batman comics, I don’t think Bruce Wayne is dead at all. So it seems like the story will be fascinating and fun to follow the journey of all of these characters and be able to play Co-op with friends as well. 


From all the videos and screenshots, this game looks really polished. It was also a nice surprise to see this announcement before Summer Game Fest starts. You can read about my top 5 most anticipated announcements here. I’m a huge Batman fan and can’t wait to immerse myself in this story!

We will be sure to keep you up-to-date and write a review of the game after it’s released. We may even play this game on the EFNcool twitch channel! 

Gotham Knights releases exclusively to PS5, X-Box Series X/S on October 25th, 2022