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In this episode, we break down all the latest MCU releases, including our thoughts on Moon Knight, Spoiler-Free First reactions to Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. We discuss the contrast between Hawkeye VS Moon Knight and why we loved the Hawkeye series so much! We also talk about Eternals, and while it wasn’t as bad as we thought critics were saying it was, we discuss the problems we had with it. Hope you enjoy the show! If you want to listen to our past episodes, you can find that by searching Beyond Average Nerds wherever you listen to podcasts!


Audio Version:

The episode ended up being so long that we decided to split it into two parts! So, stay tuned next week for part 2 where we discuss The Batman and play a long-winded Overrated/Underrated game.

Beyond Average Nerds will return next week!

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