Summer Game Fest is right around the corner, kicking off on June 9th! I wanted to detail my top 5 announcements that I am personally looking to hear more information on. Now, it is to be noted that this is my opinion and nothing here is meant to be any kind of news/fact in any form or fashion.

1) Marvel's Insomniac Games Coming to Playstation

Last summer, Insomniac announced two new exciting titles that they are adding to their Spiderman PS4/PS5 and Spider-Man: Miles Morales universe. The first one is the obvious Spider-Man 2, which will seemingly be Peter and Miles teaming up against Venom, Kraven the Hunter and possibly other intriguing villains from the Spider-Man universe. They showed a trailer that looked really cool and, if you are a fan of these games, made a lot of people really excited.

However, since then we have heard nothing further about the game. So I will be really excited to see a second trailer and/or hear more about how the gameplay will work between Miles and Peter (hoping for a co-op mode!). Obviously, the most asked-for thing will be simply to hear a targeted release date for the game. We know from the last trailer that we won’t see it probably till 2023, but a holiday 2022 release would be awesome as well!

Within that same universe, Insomniac also announced they are working on a Wolverine game as well. This announcement was really exciting to many, because although it’s been hinted at in the Spider-Man games, it’s the first time we’ve seen another marvel ‘hero’ connected to this universe. I’m really excited to see more about what Wolverine will offer to the overall picture of what insomniac is doing!

2) Starfield from Bethesda

The last major new release from Bethesda came a few years ago when they put out Fallout 76. Overall, the game was not well received. Apparently, they’ve been working on this all-new IP Starfield for many years. It’s also been a few years since they first announced it. Although what they have shown about the game looks cool, I’m not 100% sold on it.

This game will also be an X-Box exclusive, but with Gamepass getting a lot of day one titles, this game has the potential to be available to a lot of people at launch. The release date is currently set to 11/11/2022. So, I’m really hoping they don’t announce that they are delaying the game and instead of giving us yet another version of Skyrim (jokes). You can keep up to date with what is going on with this game by visiting the official website here.

3) Sonic Frontiers

This game may not be as exciting to many as it is to me. I’m a big Sonic the Hedgehog fan and have talked about the movie and newly announced kids show coming to Netflix in previous articles I’ve written (here and here). However, I haven’t had the chance to discuss probably the most exciting media coming from Sega this year. Sonic Frontiers is an open-world, all-new Sonic Adventure.

From what has been released about this game, it looks really polished. Not much has been mentioned about the story so far. So, I’m really hoping to get a new trailer focusing on the story and, possibly, seeing more characters from the Sonic universe we have all come to know and love. You can check out more information from their official website here.

4) Jedi Fallen Order 2

Jedi Fallen Order- Summer Game Fest

Jedi Fallen Order has been one of, if not, the best Star Wars video game adventure to be released. So, obviously that leads to a sequel. No official release date has been given for the game yet. However, it was mentioned recently that the game would be a next-gen console exclusive. That may or may not come as good news to you, depending on if you have been able to snag a next-gen console. To me, this is really exciting because it will fully show off the power of next-gen tech not holding the game back by having to make it compatible with past systems.

The original game has been released for a while, but it took me until recently to sit down and actually play it and I have to say, I can agree that it is one of the best Star Wars stories told to date. So, I hope we get some sort of story trailer and a possible release date. 

5.) PSVR2

PSVR 2- Summer Game Fest

As of late, gaming in VR has ramped up and is starting to take a turn that could make it a standard in the industry going forward. Sony’s PlayStation VR Gen 1, to me, really felt like a test run to see if a company offered VR at a reasonable entry price. Would it sell?

It seems to have done well enough to warrant getting an all-new, upgraded system. We know quite a bit about the technology they’re working with, as Sony has announced certain features about it. For example, a single USB-C cable system, no more camera tracking, new controllers, and even a photo of the headset and controllers, among other things (Sony’s recent blog post).  There has not been a solid price or release window/date. So, as a person who really enjoyed the first system, I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next-gen technology will offer along with what games will be available. If everything checks out, it will be for sure a day one preorder!


I really hope you enjoyed this list of what I’m looking forward to during Summer Game Fest! Though, I’m sure there will be much more talked about all through the Summer. Probably stuff we don’t even know anything about! I will be sure to keep you up-to-date on what’s going on with the titles on this list and whatever else that is intriguing to come. Sound off below at what you’re hoping to see from Summer Game Fest this year! You can stay up to date at their official website here!

Summer Game Fest officially kicks off with a Livestream on June 9th at 11 am PST!