Masked Rider

We sat down to talk with Mark Kitting about the latest edition to the Lightining Collection. Here’s what Mark had to say!

EFNcool – “Welcome Mark! It’s a pleasure to have you. Let’s get right down to it. Lightining Collection is getting Masked Rider, which should make fans really happy. My 1st question: Why Masked Rider?”

Mark – “First, thanks for having me! Why Masked Rider, you ask? Well, as you know, Masked Rider showed up in season 2.5 of Power Rangers. He helped destroy Alpha Five’s creator in cave! Like Tony Stark built his suit in a cave, Masked Rider came from a cave!”

EFNcool – “I… I’m pretty sure that’s wrong, but okay. Also, that didn’t really answer why. 2nd question: Will there be any other Expanded Universe figures coming to the line?”

Mark – “Transform the Trooper! Am I right? We’re actively looking into bringing Jason David Franks character from VR Troopers over. Ryan Steal. We feel people would love another JDF figure so we’re actively looking into that as well. Also, ever heard of Mystic Forc… I mean Mystic Knights of Egg Nog? They had a green knight and we’re pretty sure Jason David Frank played him as well”.

EFNcool – “What? The phrase is ‘Trooper Transform’ and JDF was replaced by Brad Hawkins who voiced the Gold Zeo Ranger. Tir Na Nog… Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. Yes, they did have a Mystic Knight of Forest, but he was played by Ben Palmer not JDF”.

Mark – “Look, we use Bing for all of our figure references, so we would know a bit more about them than most”.

EFNcool – Google might… You know, never mind. Next question: When and where can everyone pre order this Masked Rider figure?”

Mark – “Super happy you asked that. We are partnering with Amazon Treasure Truck to be the exclusive retailer here in the US and around the world. We think it might be already out. Have you seen Justin Hunt’s FB page? They probably have it already. Same with Malaysia. Totally already has it. It’ll retail for $26.98 but then $19.99, then $22.99, and finally $25.99”. 

EFNcool – “Amazon Treasure Truck, What the… Wait, it’s already out around the world? You know about this? Why are you changing the price of the item so much? What?”

‘Mark – “Listen, we’ve done a lot of research about it and do you know how much paint costs? If you happen to have an idea, let us know ’cause no one wants to give us one answer… so you know, inflation”.

EFNcool – “Okay, hold on a second. Paint cost is the reason for the price changing? So will it show accurate paint?”

Mark – “We’ve had to buy a lot of different shades of green paint for this figure”. 

EFNcool – “That doesn’t really answer the question, but moving on. Will there be any special packaging like the Spectrum and Pop Art packaging?”

Mark – “YES! We’ve decided to make a special 2 pack with Masked Rider and Furbus! How cool is that! It’ll be out about 45 days AFTER the single figure release. We hope you enjoy all that green paint we got, ’cause we’re gonna be painting a lot of these figures”. 

EFNcool – “You’re also announcing a 2 pack? You just announced the single figure?!?! This, you know… forget it. Last question: What accessories come with the figure?”

Mark – “Some hands, the dudes head, Dex? Wait, it’s Dex or Dax? Still no Dax figure, a stick sword kind of thing, and we’ve molded a whole new mold from another mold we’ve used before, but it’s new to this figure ’cause it’s a lighter shade of blue”.

EFNcool – *Interviewer visibly sighs*  “Thanks for your time Mark”.

Mark – “Thanks for having me! looking forward to showing up 10 mins early, then logging off after you saw me, then showing back up 41 mins late. Consistency is key”.

From everyone at EFNcool. APRIL FOOLS!