This March, we’re celebrating EFNcool MADNESS: Red Ranger Edition! As part of this huge event, we will be making 5th level D&D 5e character sheets for every Red Ranger in the Madness Bracket!

We’ll update this post twice a week all month long with four new Rangers, each with a unique Race, Subclass, Background, and Feat as well as a description of why these features work with the powers they used in the show! And be sure to check out the DNDBeyond link for more detailed character sheets, because we stuffed A LOT MORE easter eggs in these sheets than can be detailed in one paragraph!

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BONUS ROUND (3/28/2022)


He’s a Knight, he’s a Wizard, but in D&D he’s an Eldritch Knight Fighter. Combining the magic of a Wizard with the armor and weapon proficiencies of a Fighter, an Eldritch knight is a magical swordsman just like the Wolf Warrior himself.

First appearing as Koragg The Knight Wolf, Leanbow was made into a villain by the evil Octomus and fought the Mystic Force Rangers. His skill at fighting Wizards is the reason we gave him the Mage Slayer feat. Although he was forced to serve Octomus, he’s still haunted by the atrocities he committed as Koragg, a trait represented by the Haunted One’s background.

As Koragg, he also had the ability to merge with his zord Catastros to become the Centaur Megazord. Even though he never showed this ability as the Red Wolf Warrior, it’s such a cool and unique formation that we decided on the Centaur race for him.

This is my only chance to have the Centaur race on this list and I'm not going to miss that opportunity!
I sure do wish I had a more bad-ass photo for Zordon, but this is literally all there is.

Zordon (Movie)

The 2017 Power Rangers movie surprised everyone with an opening scene showing Zordon as the Red Ranger being bested by Green Ranger, Rita Repulsa. While he wasn’t a Ranger on screen for long, it’s still fun to think of what his stats would be. A blue-skinned alien with an advanced intellect can be represented in the Vedalken race which gives him an extra d4 to Arcana, Alchemist’s Supplies checks, and the Keen Mind feat gives him a boost to intelligence and a photographic memory.

Zordon has been on Earth for a long time and has presumably visited other planets as well. His interest and investment in other cultures can be shown with the Anthropologist background. Presumably, he had the same powers Jason developed later in the movie, so we’re going to make him an Armorer Artificer as well, but with some differences. With a focus on intelligence, we’re having all 5 levels be in Artificer. And instead of the Guardian armor, we’ll choose the Infiltrator armor for the enhanced stealth and Lightning Launcher attack coming from the diamond in his chest. We’ll also choose the Mind Sharpener infusion to enhance his spellcasting concentration, and the Homunculus Servant infusion to represent his loyal robot companion Alpha-5.

Cybervillain Blaze

Cybervillain Blaze was an evil avatar of the real Blaze. The way he was created off of a living being is similar to how the Reborn lineage is a body that had been risen from the dead. To further tie him to real Blaze, we’re applying the Reborn lineage over the Tabaxi race, which gives CV Blaze a climb speed from the little bit of Cheetah DNA he received.

As a General for Evox, Blaze is built as a Warlock of the Great Old One (Evox being an old, alien consciousness bent on world domination). He has the Pact of the Blade to show his skills with his sword, the Lightning Lure cantrip to represent his cables, the Eldritch Blast cantrip to be his powerful energy blasts, and the Summon Shadowspawn spell for all of the Robotrons he summons.

The Shadow Touched feat gives him the Invisibility and Inflict Wounds spells and shows his further corruption from the Cyber Dimension. The Rival Intern feat is an excellent way to show his remaining memories from real Blaze and his rivalry with Devon.

Such a crazy good design. Probably one of the best "evil copies" of a main Ranger suit in all of Power Rangers.
It's clearly an "Axe", but axes aren't finesse weapons, so we're going to reflavor a scimitar for lighter weight slashy-slashy attacks.


If you’re unfamiliar with Luis or the Jammingers, check them out here (!

When Symphona and Synestra invades Earth to steal our sound, Luis and the other Jammingers bring the noise and defend the world. Freshly graduated from High School, Luis is a talented guitarist and entertainer with dreams of attending a music conservatory. Easily the most musical Red Ranger on this list, Luis makes a great Bard. His weapon of choice is a combination axe and electric guitar, so the College of Blades subclass seems like a good fit. It allows him to cast spells through music and flourish his axe (we’re using a scimitar here in place of an axe) to control the battlefield.

His great singing voice is also represented in the Actor feat, which gives him advantage on any shenanigans he may get into trying to pull off a disguise. Another ability Luis has as Jamminger Red, is the ability to make powerful forcefields. The best race for this power is the Mark of Sentinel Human, which grants him the Shield spell for free once a day, the Shield of Faith spell to protect his allies, and the ability to swap places with an ally to take the attack for them. A real Red Ranger move.

Round 8 (3/25/2022)

Psycho Red

Psycho Red was an individual slain by the space witch Astronema and rebuilt to be an evil Ranger under her command. Retold in a fantasy narrative: this is the story of a Hexblood, which is an individual transformed due to fey magic from a hag or a witch. They even have similar powers. The Hexblood can cast Disguise Self just like Psycho Red, and the Hex spell is like when Psycho Red singles out Andros in combat.

The Volstrucker Agent background is a bit specific to the Wildemount setting, but it thematically works here as an evil organization that he has been brainwashed into doing dirty work for. He has a simple focus: conquest over other Red Rangers.  So, the Oath of Conquest Paladin is a natural fit. This subclass allows him to channel divinity in order to cause fear in those around him and use spells that help him excel in one-on-one combat. For an extra boost of power, we also gave him the Great Weapon Master feat to give him a bonus attack when an enemy is slain, as well as the ability to focus on his Psycho Greatsword and deal massive damage in exchange for a loss in accuracy.

Psycho Red has one of the coolest swords in all of Power Rangers!
Shane's Spellcasting Focus is...Gun.

Shane Clarke

Trained as a Cloistered Scholar in the Wind Ninja Academy, the Red Wind Ranger Shane is a master of fighting with the power of the wind, so it was important that we include as many wind-related abilities as we could.

Starting off with a level in Fighter gets him Second Wind, the Interception fighting style, and weapon and armor proficiencies. For the rest of this build, we will be leveling Shane up as a Storm Sorcerer. As a Storm Sorcerer he will be able to have a 10ft fly speed after casting spells and learn many wind-related spells, such as: Booming Blade, Gust, Feather Fall, Dust Devil, and Gust of Wind.

To really drive home the wind theme, we made him an Air Genasi which will give him a limited use of the Levitate spell. As Sorcerers tend to have low HP, we gave Shane the Tough feat to help boost his HP to help him wade into combat.

Brody Romero

Brody has lead an interesting life. We tried to have his build reflect the lessons and skills he learned during each phase. His time as a slave for Galvanax is reflected in his background (just sub out Witchlight Carnival for Galaxy Warriors). His time spent with Mick Kanic and Redbot taught him about alien technology and how to forge Ninja Power Stars. We gave him the Mark of Making Human race to give him proficiency with Tinker’s Tools and the ability to charge his weapons with the Magic Weapon spell. To further reinforce this theme, we also gave him the Artificer’s Initiate feat for some additional spells and Smith’s Tools to forge Ninja Steel into new Power Stars.

Finally, his training with his father taught him the way of the Ninja, so his class is Monk. Due to the variety of skill he has and the various kinds of weapons he uses, we went with the Kensei subclass to represent his skills with blades, bows, and the many other weapons he uses during his time as a ranger.

Brody is canonically the only Red Ranger with a bow, so we had to make sure he had one in his Character Sheet!
You can't actually be every Ranger, but hopefully we got you close!

Troy Burrows

With new powers comes a new character sheet for Troy! We’re keeping the Pirate background as his personality hasn’t changed (but he looks the part now), and the Gift of the Chromatic Dragon feat because it works well with this build, too.

This season Troy can access the powers of all previous Red Rangers, but that would be overpowered in D&D. So instead, we’re going with the Changeling Race (also a Shiftweave outfit) so that he can look the part when changing into other Ranger forms, and the Path of Wild Magic Barbarian.

The Path of Wild Magic has a table of 8 different random abilities you can gain while raging. Anything from being able to teleport around the battlefield to summoning plants to changing the terrain you’re on, and that combined with the 5 elemental infusions you can add to your attacks from your feat leads to 40 different ways to approach battles while appearing however you like.

Round 7 (3/25/2022)

Conner McKnight

The Dino Thunder Rangers are interesting in that they all have a rage-like mechanic when they access their Super Dino Mode, which is one of the reasons we’ve built Conner as a Barbarian.

The Barbarian’s unarmored movement, the mobile feat, and the Elk totem from the Totem Warrior subclass, all help to build up Conner’s superspeed, building to a crazy 65ft speed when raging. Conner’s Battlizer help to inspire his race, because the unique arm-stretching ability that the armor grants him is similar to the enhanced reach you can get from the Bugbear race. This enhanced reach also works well with Conner’s Tyranno Staff (represented here as a Glaive) which gives him a total reach of 15ft! Speed combined with reach will make this Barbarian Ranger a difficult one to avoid on the battlefield.

I was thrilled when I remembered these stretchy arms, because I had an excuse to use the Bugbear race!
She should have led the Samurai Rangers from the start. Don't @ me.

Lauren Shiba

Lauren may have the same Samurai subclass as her brother, but her build could not be more different. Where Jayden focused on Strength, Lauren focuses on Dexterity.

She wears lighter armor and uses a Rapier as her Spin Sword so that she can add her Dexterity to both her attacks and her AC. She also showed great skill at deflecting blows from the Light Zord using her sword. This skill is represented in the Defensive Duelist feat, which gives her a reaction that increases her AC further when she’s targeted by a melee attack. Also, similar to her brother is her familial association with the element of Fire, but instead of making her another Fire Genasi, we decided to go with the Zarial Tiefling. This gives her the same resistance to fire damage and darkvision as her brother, but she also receives the Searing and Branding Smite spells, which can be used to power up her sword with fire or branding power.

The Branding Smite is important, because her time as a Hermit was spent learning a special Sealing Symbol to seal away Master Xandred.


Charlie and the rest of A-Squad made a deal with the devil when they turned on SPD and Spied on them for Emperor Gruumm, similar to how a Warlock makes a pact with a Fiend for more power.

A-Squad does not have a large arsenal in the show, so to represent her skills with the SPD Enforcer, we’re going to focus on enhancing her Eldritch Blast. Both the Agonizing Blast and Repelling Blast invocations will be important to pick up, so we gave her the Spell Sniper feat to enhance her range (and get the Ray of Frost cantrip).

Taking the Pact of the Tome will further open her spellcasting abilities and give her the Encode Thoughts cantrip to help her hide her true intentions. Finally, we chose the Mark of Shadows Elf as her race to enhance her Performance and Stealth skills, give her some Invisibility each day, and more illusion spells to help her keep up her subterfuge.

With a recycled helmet and some hockey pads, Charlie somehow became one of the best villainous rangers ever.
Zayto kinda takes the term "Ancient" to the extreme.


Zayto is the third alien Red Ranger on this list. To show his alien nature and telepathic abilities, we chose the psychic Kalashtar race.

This Rafkonian Knight swore an ancient oath 65 million years ago to stop the Sporix Beasts, and so the Oath of the Ancients Paladin is perfect. The Oath of the Ancients is all about protecting nature. Many spells that are available to him to modify his attacks can be represented as abilities granted from Dino Fury Keys. One memorable use of the Sonic Dino Key shows Zayto fighting blindfolded. In honor of that fight, we gave him the Blind Fighting Style to give him blindsight out to 10ft.

Zayto also has the incredibly powerful T-Rex Fury Strike, which is why he has the Slasher Feat. This further wounds enemies on a critical hit with a slashing weapon.


Round 6 (3/18/2022)

Wesley Collins

Wes is a bit of a complicated build, but stick with me. We start Wes with one level in Rogue for mechanical reasons to get him Light Armor proficiency, and for story reasons, this is showing his life before the other Time Force Rangers gave him a morpher (and his skills at breaking into an old clock tower).

The next 4 levels are going to be as a Chronomancy Wizard to give him time-based magic and spells like Hold Person, Rime’s Binding Ice, and Frostbite to cryogenically freeze enemy mutants. Wes’ main weapons, the Chrono Sabers, are very similar to the Eberron Double-Bladed Scimitar. We pick up proficiency in that weapon through the Valenar Wood Elf race and grant it the finesse property with the Revenant Blade feat, so that we can use Dexterity as the attacking stat.

The Celebrity Adventurer’s Scion Background is a bit of a joke, because present-day people compare Wes to his wealthy father, but future people compare Wes to his descendant Alex. But by the end of the series, Wes has distinguished himself as his own extremely capable hero.

I don't think the Double-Bladed Scimitar is meant to bend like the Chrono Saber bends...but you can certainly try!
Huge shout out to Peter Sudarso and Devin Kohler for this incredible design!

Marvin Shih

While Wes was a time-based ranger, he rarely ever traveled through time. Marv, on the other hand, constantly traveled back and forth through time and swore an oath to Jen Scotts to watch over and defend the time stream, which is why we chose to make him an Oath of the Watchers Paladin.

One of his personal goals involve finding his brother Joe (Timeforce Silver) who had gone missing. So, we gave him the skills of the Investigator Background and the magical abilities of a Mark of Finding Half-Orc to show both this personal goal and his training as a Time Force Cadet. Marv’s main weapons, the Iapetus Blaster and Claws, do not have a clear Paladin parallel, but they can be represented with the Magic Initiate (Warlock) feat. With this feat we can recreate his blaster (Eldritch Blast), claws (Sword Burst), and fire-based powers (Hellish Rebuke).

Hunter Bradley

Hunter was an incredibly well named ranger. He used his rage over the death of his parents and the capture of the Thunder Ninja Academy to fuel his and his brother’s Hunt for the perpetrators. Utilizing rage and the power of thunder as the Crimson Thunder Ranger, Hunter is a great example of a Storm Herald Barbarian, a subclass that adds lightning damage to his already great hand-to-hand combat skills. We also gave him the Martial Adept Feat to show his ability to strategize with his brother Blake in order to battle the Wind Ninja Rangers by allowing them to switch places or trip up their enemies. Hunter is also one of the first insect-themed rangers, and as such, the closest race to grant these traits is the Simic Hybrid which grants him an AC increasing carapace and a climbing speed.

Who else thinks we need more Crimson rangers?
All firearms in D&D can be considered blasters as long as you make the "pewpew" noise out loud every time you use them.

Jack Landors

Jack is a former street thief (Criminal Background) who rose to the occasion and became the SPD Red Ranger. He has an innate genetic ability to phase through solid matter, which we can recreate using the Shadar-Kai Elf subrace. This allows you to teleport and be intangible for a round. Jack’s fighting style relies heavily on his Delta Blasters with various other firearms and cannons he receives from Space Patrol Delta, and as such, we made him a Gunslinger Fighter. Since the Duel Wielder feat only works with melee weapons, we gave him the Piercer feat to enhance the damage he deals with his firearms.

Round 5 (3/15/2022)

Carter Grayson

Carter was a hero before ever becoming the Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger, because he was a firefighter. As a first responder, it made sense to make him the only Cleric on this list with a focus on preserving Life, thus his domain choice. Clerics are also experts at repelling the undead and demons, something Carter does when he seals Queen Bansheera away in the Shadow World.

As a resident of Mariner’s Bay and as a firefighter, much of his life likely revolves around the ocean, and as such, we choose to make him a Triton.  He definitely knows how to swim, and the Wall of Water spell will help him put out any burning buildings. City Watch reflects his aptitude as a civil servant, and the Healer feat is for when magical healing just isn’t enough.

Through the fire and the flames, he carries on!
Is this shield practical? No. Is it cool? Hell yeah.

Cole Evans

Cole was raised deep in the rainforest, and as such, he’s a bit wild and can speak to animals.  So, the Outlander background and the reclusive, nature-loving, Beast Speach knowing Firbolg race both seemed like a great fit!

To match his “wild” fighting style as the Red Ranger, the Path of the Beast Barbarian was chosen so that his claws could be used as powerful weapons. This way, he can gain more animal attributes as he grows older. The Gift of the Metallic Dragon may seem like an odd feat to choose at first, but it grants you “Protective Wings” which can shield yourself or allies, which functions very similarly to Cole’s falcon-themed Animarium Armor.

Tyler Navarro

Tyler has been going on Archaeological adventures with his father since he was a child, so the Archaeologist background and survival-based abilities of the Lizardfolk race, both fit his personality well. The Lizardfolk race also matches his Tyrannosaurus theming as the Red Dino Charge Ranger!

Tyler’s fighting style primarily relies on his Dino Charge Morpher (a gun) and the T-Rex Super Charge Blaster (a gun) powered by Energems. Due to the way Tyler can charge up these shots with Energems, we decided to go with Arcane Archer as his subclass to give him the ability to power up his arrows with magic. The Arcane Archer subclass specifies that it only works with bows and arrows, but since he’s proficient with Martial Weapons, we gave him a pistol anyway.

If you want to play as Tyler ask your DM for permission to use a pistol instead of a longbow, or reflavor the longbow to look like the Dino Charge Morpher!

Ok ok, he could also be a Gunslinger Fighter with very few changes
Why was the Power Sword the only weapon used in the movie? A bow coming out of that armor would be amazing!

Jason Scott (Movie)

Jason in the 2017 Power Rangers movie has a number of differences from his TV counterpart. This version of Jason is a former football star who lands himself in detention and house-arrest when he smuggles a bull into the High School locker room. We decided to go with the Mountain Dwarf race, because movie Jason is more down to earth than TV Jason.  It also allows us to pick up the Squat Nimbleness feat for increased speed and advantage against being grappled – skills he picked up on the Football Field.

The Armorer Artificer also felt like a natural fit. The movie’s Ranger suits appearing more chitinous as it surrounds our heroes, and the Armblade infusion grants him a retractable longsword, just like Jason’s Power Sword.

ROUND 4 (3/11/2022)

Rocky Desantos

ROCKY from STONE Canyon is an EARTH Genasi! All puns aside, both the Pass Without Trace spell and Earth Glide abilities are great for a stealthy Ninjetti, and with their magic-like abilities, Druid seemed like the natural choice for class. The Circle of the Shepherd is based on summoning animal spirits, and since Rocky has had so many different animal Zords, it will be easy to re-flavor the given Spirit Totems.

Bear Spirit = Ape Spirit.
Hawk Spirit = Lion Spirit.
Unicorn Spirit = Dragon Spirit.

The Fey Touched feat gives Rocky teleportation in the Misty Step spell and the Silvery Barbs spell to better weaponize his comedy. As for the Plaintiff background, well… you all saw Turbo: A Power Ranger’s movie, right?

Dude spends YEARS fighting exploding monsters, but one bad practice match puts him in the hospital.
I wanted to include a pic saying how Wizards don't wear armor and Leo doesn't even wear a shirt, but it was a bit too spicy...(click the above pic to see what I mean).

Leo Corbett

LEO is a LEONIN! (…I swear I didn’t pick all of these just for the puns). With the Light of Orion Armor, Leo gains a claw attack that is similar to the Leonin’s and the Leonin race shows his connection to the Lion Galactabeast. Obviously, Leo is best known for fighting with the Quasar Saber (which he Inherited from his brother, Mike) and Transdagger, so why Wizard? Well, the Bladesinger Wizard is adapt at using both magic and weapons, and seeing that much of Leo’s powers are also themed on fire, this seemed like the best merging of those two abilities. But focusing on only one elemental type of damage is usually a detriment to your character, so we gave him the Elemental Adept (Fire) Feat to ignore any enemy’s resistance to fire damage.

Mack Hartford

Spoiler Alert: despite his memories of a wealthy (Noble) upbringing, Mack is an android. While many of the racial choices on this list are fantasy approximations of the characters (or puns!), this one is actually literal, because Warforged are artificially created humanoids. Due to his strength and battle prowess, we made him into a Battle Master, using his Drive Lance (which in D&D terms is essentially a Glaive) to sweep the battlefield and disarm his foes. His Battlizer, the Red Sentinel Ranger, is the reason for the Sentinel feat which pairs very well with his reach weapon and helps him to lock down enemies.

Cool but rude, or just straight-up Cool?


The Ninja Turtle is a Tortle in D&D and I shouldn’t have to justify that choice. Raised by Splinter as an Urchin in the sewers of NY, Raphael and his brothers learned the way of the Ninja, with Raphael excelling in stealthily approaching his foes in the dark. The Way of Shadow Monk is the perfect choice for a Turtle who utilizes darkness in this way, and the Observant feat matches his gargoyle-like focus on observing the city for signs of trouble.

ROUND 3 (3/09/2022)

T.J. Johnson

T.J. is the athlete from out of town that stepped up to lead the Power Rangers and take over for Tommy as the Red Turbo Ranger. As an Artillerist, T.J. excels at blasting spells through his Arcane Firearm, as well as being able to summon a mobile turret, which we can describe as being similar to the Turbo R.A.M.

He’s also more proficient with weapons than a regular Artificer. With that said, we’re giving him the Weapons Master Feat so that between the Booming Blade cantrip and his Rapier, we can recreate the Turbo Lightning Sword. A lot of T.J.’s abilities rely on lightning, wind, and electricity/technology, so the Mark of Storms Half-Elf is a great fit, and it gives him a bonus to using Navigator’s Tools, similar to the Turbo Navigator.

Cool guys don't look at explosions
Cool Shades aren't a 5e magic item... yet...

Casey Rhodes

Casey is the most classically trained martial artist on this list, and his fighting style very closely matches the Way of the Open Hand. Unleashing his animal spirit can be represented by the Swiftstride Shifter. The speed and temp HP gained from shifting is similar to Casey reaching Jungle Master Mode! Additionally, his time working at Jungle Karma Pizza has taught him enough to earn the Chef feat, so that the party can have a fresh hot pizza over the course of a short rest.

Troy Burrows

Troy is someone mysteriously powered by the Morphin Grid who becomes the Red Megaforce Ranger through a deal with Gosei. In D&D terms, that makes him an Aasimar Warlock. The Scourge subrace of Aasimar has a radiant energy that surrounds you when you unleash your power, a trait Troy exhibited in his fight with Roboknight.

Gosei is a force for good in this world, so he fits the Celestial patron mold very well, and choosing the Pact of the Blade gives Troy access to his Dragon Sword. To further reinforce the Dragon theme we’ve given him, the Gift of the Chromatic Dragon feat will allow him to infuse his sword strikes with elemental energies, just like Power Cards.

Wow, they really never explained this moment, huh?
This horse is a Red Ranger and should have been on the bracket. Don't @ me.

Jayden Shiba

Jayden being a Samurai is probably the easiest subclass assignment of this whole list. He also comes from a long line of samurai who use fire-based powers, so the Fire Genasi race can be used to show the weight of inheriting powers and the strong lineage you’re trying to live up to. Jayden has also been trained in battling on his War Horse, so the Mounted Combatant feat was a good choice.

To differentiate him from his sister Lauren (who will appear on this list later this month), we chose to make Jayden a heavy-armor Strength based fighter. This is mainly to represent the heavy armor he’s seen wearing in Shogun Mode and the heavy Fire Smasher he uses to slay Nighloks.

Round 2 (3/04/2022)

Tommy Oliver

Tommy Oliver is an absolute legend, a Folk Hero even, and he has 4 different ranger colors that he can switch between by using his Master Morpher (Red, Green, White, and Black). Similarly, Eladrin hs four seasons they can switch between (Summer, Spring, Winter, and Autumn).

With every form, Tommy also has different weapons he can use: a Hexblade – with the Pact of the Blade he can switch his weapon’s form as often as he likes as an action and he’s always proficient with it. As for feats, we went with Silverquill Initiate because it gave him access to Vicious Mockery (the man had some great one-liners) and Shield of Faith, a spell that grants allies a temporary shield which is something he was known for doing as the Green Ranger. For him to be Zeo Ranger V Red, just have Tommy be an Autum Eladrin, set your pact blade to be a longsword, and flavor your blasts looking like a five-pointed star.

Want to make Nick a Wizard? Make your own Character Sheet and tag us!

Nick Russel

I know, I KNOW…I didn’t make Nick a Wizard…BUT I HAVE A GOOD REASON!

Nick has a number of fire based spells but he primarily fights with his Magi Staff in Sword Mode and he actually grows to become his Zord. So, the best fit for those abilities is a Rune Knight. Rune Knights enhance their attacks with magic runes and can grow to huge sizes, just like Nick does. His Battlizer is the merging of Nick with the dragon Fireheart. A Red Chromatic Dragonborn seemed like a natural fit for race, but he’s originally from the Magic World, so the Feylost background expands on his mysterious origins. And FINE, I gave him Magic Initiate (Wizard) to get some wizard spells, and I threw in a broom of flying for free, because I felt bad making the Wizard Ranger a Fighter. 

Scott Truman

Scott is a Red Ranger in a world where the bad guy has already won, so he needs to be quick, sneaky, and precise AKA a Rogue. The Scout subclass with the Athlete feat is a build that focuses on movement, maneuverability, and survival; all skills Scott exceeds at, while the Solider background both reflects his time as Air Support under his father, and it gives him Land Vehicle Proficiency. Similar to how the Kenku race lost their wings, Scott goes from Air Support to being more of a car guy, and while the Eagle Racer can fly the Kenku race is still a better fit due to their skills in espionage. 

No stats for a fire extinguisher...yet!
Choose the Small size to be able to ride Cruise...and to be a tiny cute kitty cat!

Devon Daniels

Infused with Cheetah DNA and given the ability of super-speed, Devon is a perfect fit for the feline-themed Tabaxi race, and we gave him the Charger feat for an even better rushing attack.

For a class, we went with the Battle Smith because of the Steel Defender companion that comes with it. In this case, we’ll call him Cruise, who can fight beside and assist Devon. Not exactly a “noble”, but his Dad is in politics which allows Devon to know the ins and outs of the political world, which is why he has the Courtier background.

ROUND 1 (3/01/2022)

Jason Lee Scott

Jason’s build is meant to reflect his natural abilities as a leader and how he inspires his teammates and future generations of Red Rangers. A College of Valor Bard is the perfect subclass to show his abilities in battle while inspiring his allies. Plus, he’s the only Red Ranger who fights with a flute! 

We’re going with a Draconblood Dragonborn due to their advantage on persuasion, and a Gold Dragon ancestry to reflect his multiple dragon-themed Zords and his future as a Gold Ranger.



Dual Wielding a flute never looked so cool
Astral Battle Borg may be smaller than seen on TV


As an Aquitian, Aurico is reliant on being submerged in water regularly, a weakness that the Locathah race of fish-people share! Aurico also doesn’t pilot his Battle Borg, he controls it telepathically. We can reflect that ability in the Telepathic Feat and by reflavoring the Arms of the Astral Self ability as actually being his Battle Borg fighting by his side.


Andros is an alien who has telepathic abilities that, in the show, he doesn’t use while morphed, but in D&D why leave that option on the table and not use it?

The Githyanki race and Psi Warrior subclass reflect his alien nature and telepathy merging with his fighting skills, while the Gift of the Gem Dragon Feat gives him a psychic push reaction to further reinforce the theme. He is also an expert infiltrator, which the Charlatan background will help him to achieve.

There's no Spiral Saber in 5e, but you can always rename a Short Spear AKA a Yklwa!
We could have just given him a crossbow...but that blaster's so cool it deserved a Feat!

Eric Myers

Eric is a Silver Guardian first and a Red Ranger second, so the Gunner background shows his expertise with both standard firearms and his Quantum Defender Blaster. His Hobgoblin racial abilities also rely on the number of allies around him, and he always has either the Guardians or the Rangers nearby. 

Most of the Time Force may have returned to the future, but Eric is still a Ranger who is walking the Horizon of Silver Hills and looking for portals from the future that monsters may try and come through.