Announcement of a Wal-Mart “Retro” Classified Line Has Put Our Wallets on Notice

On Friday, January 21s, Hasbro held a G.I. Joe Fan First Friday on their YouTube channel. As expected, the team revealed a bunch of brand new G.I. Joe Classified figures. For those out of the loop – the G.I. Joe Classified line of toys are 6 inch scaled figures with over 20 points of articulation, re-imagining the classic characters from the 1980’s “A Real American Hero” toy line in a current design. They are arguably some of the hottest toys on the market today.

The G.I. Joe Classified figures revealed are:

  • Tomax
  • Xamot
  • Stalker
  • Baroness (Wal-Mart Retro Line)
  • Lady Jaye (Wal-Mart Retro Line)
  • Destro (Wal-Mart Retro Line)
  • Gung-Ho (Wal-Mart Retro Line)
  • Cobra Viper Troop Builder Pack

No pre-orders are available at this time.

Right off the bat Hasbro gives us two of the most requested figures – the twins Tomax and Xamot. And on top of that they chose not to reimagine them too much, keeping more of their classic “Sunbow cartoon” look and feel. The live-chat went crazy for these figures.

Stalker is also a huge win, being of one of the original G.I. Joe characters released in 1982. His look has us screaming for a retro release already.

And now – to the retro line.

These figures are Wal-Mart exclusive, rumored to be packaged on modern-day throwback cards (so the bright red/orange/yellow explosion graphic card-backs) with a paint deco that resembles their classic look.

Baroness is exciting as the price point for her Coil Motorcycle release, on top of it being impossible to find before re-issue in Target, turned a lot of collectors off to the figure. It features a new head sculpt and promises an impressive black on black paint scheme.

Lady Jaye is set to resemble her original figure’s release, down to the smallest of details.

Gung-Ho is back in teal and looks incredible.

Destro has a new head sculpt with black eyebrows, based on the Sunbow animation from the 1980’s.

These all look incredible and I’m debating whether or not I need to buy 2 to keep them in the sweet, rumored packaging.

The live-stream finished with our first troop builder for G.I. Joe Classified – a Cobra Viper three pack. It includes two Vipers and a Viper Officer. I wasn’t planning on refinancing my home this year but seeing as I want at least 2 of these packs, I might have to.

We can’t wait for more G.I. Joe Classified figure news and reveals. Let us know if you’re enjoying this line as much as we are!