The “POWER RANGERS – SHATTERED GRID” Writer/Artist/Colorist Combo Are Back Together

You love to see it.

Power Rangers fans were living the high life during the brand’s 25th anniversary in 2018. Kyle Higgins (RADIANT BLACK, ORDINARY GODS, WINTER SOLDIER, NIGHTWING) was writing MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS for BOOM! Studios with amazing artwork by the extremely talented Daniele Di Nicuolo and colors by Waler Baimonte. It isn’t easy being tasked with drawing nearly every single Power Ranger – sometimes in the same issue! But Nicuolo pulled it off.

To this day, even casual fans know who LORD DRAKKON is, thanks to the stories by Kyle Higgins and the artwork from Daniele Di Nicuolo.

Kyle Higgins and Daniele Di Nicuolo both left the POWER RANGERS brand following SHATTERED GRID, with Kyle writing ULTRAMAN for MARVEL COMICS and launching RADIANT BLACK with IMAGE COMICS. Daniele Di Nicuolo went on to draw for the incredibly successful SEVEN SECRETS comic for BOOM! Studios.

Their relationship as writer/artist was a strong one – and they’re coming back together later this year along with POWER RANGERS colorist alumni WALTER BAIAMONTE with a brand new character – SHIFT – in the RADIANT BLACK universe.

Learn more about SHIFT starting in April only at IMAGE COMICS and RADIANT BLACK.