We need Megazord power NOW!” – Jason

Lets end 2021 with a ZAP! With the recent announcement and reveal of the Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord in the ZAP Lightning Collection line I thought I would give my top 10, yep 10! Some Megazord’s and some solo Zords.

10. Wild Force – Predazord

  • Accessories: Animal Crystals

9. Dino Charge – Ptera Charger Megazord

  • Accessories: All 10 Dino /Energems, Chargers + Dark Energem, Detachable Cape

8. Mighty Morphin – Shogun Megazord

  • Accessories: Mini Falcon in a Cage, Swords, Shield, Falconzord Remote

7. Super Megaforce – Q-Rex Megazord

  • Accessories: MMPR Green Ranger Key, DT White Ranger Key, Quantum Ranger Key, Dragon Mode Lightning Mouth Effect,

6. Mighty Morphin – Dragonzord

  • Accessories: Green Ranger Crystal, Power Coin Box (From Return of a Friend), Breakable Barrels

5. SPD – Swat Megazord

  • Accessories: 2 Blasters, Several Blast Effects, SWAT Flyer Cannon

4. Dino Fury – Dino Fury Megazord (All 5 Zords Included)

  • Accessories: A Lot of Dino Fury Keys, Several Blast Lightning Effects

3. Mystic Force – Titan Megazord

  • Accessories: Titan Saber, Several Lightning Effects

2. In Space – Astro Megazord

  • Accessories: Astro Sword, Changes into Ship Formation, Several Lightning Effects
  1. Jungle Fury – Jungle Pride Megazord + Wolf Zord
  • Accessories: Bat Zord (Jungle Wings), Elephant Zord (Jungle Mace), Shark Zord (Jungle Gaunlets and Helmet) Several Lightning Effects