“I’m top on ‘B’ Squad in test scores, weaponry, and in fighting. As you know, sir, my father was the Red Ranger. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve trained for the day I’d become like my dad – the next Red Ranger.” – Sky Tate

A leader learns from his mistakes, takes action when needed and above all else, leads his team to victory. The final Top 5 article is here. I didn’t forget a color. It’s time for my top 5 Red Rangers to join the Lightning Collection!

5. RPM Ranger Operator Series Red – Scott Truman

  • Accessories: Cell Shift Morpher, Nitro Blaster/Sword, Street Saber, 2 Extra Hands, Lightning Effect

4. Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger – Cater Greyson

  • Accessories: Rescue Morpher, Rescue Blaster, V-Lancer, 2 Extra Hands, Lightning Effect

3. Super Megaforce Red Ranger – Troy Burrows

  • Accessories: Legendary Morpher + Key, Mega Blaster + Sword, 2 Extra Hands, Lightning Effect

2. Jungle Fury Red Ranger – Casey Rhodes

  • Accessories: Solar Morpher, Jungle Chucks, Shark Sabers, 2 Extra Hands, Lightning Effect

1. Mystic Force Red Ranger – Nick Russell/Bowen

  • Accessories: Mystic Morpher, Magi Staff Sword Mode, 2 Extra Hands, Lightning Effect