“I’ll be all right, Cassie. Please, don’t forget me. I’ll see you soon.” – Phantom Ranger

Theres nothing wrong with getting some help. Lets take a look at my top 5 Power Ranger allies i’d like to see join the Lightning Collection.

5. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Ninjor

  • Accessories: Ninja Blade, 6 Ninja Ranger Coins, Blue Bottle, 3 Extra Hands (1 with Lightning Effect), Lightning Effect

4. Power Rangers In Space (KIDDING jeez) Turbo – Blue Senturion – Deluxe W/ Cycle

  • Accessories: Senturian Synergizer, 2 Extra Hands, 2 Lightning Effects

3. Power Rangers Zeo – Auric the Conqueror

  • Accessories: Mini Statue, Gladiator Sword, 3rd version of Gold Zeo Power Staff, 2 Extra Hands, Lightning Effect

2. Operation Overdrive – Sentinel Knight

Accessorie: Full Corona Aura, Excelsior Sword, 2 Extra Hands, Lightning Effect

1. Jungle Fury – Spirit Rangers (Bat, Shark, Elephant) 3 Pack

  • Accessories: Jungle Mace, Jungle Fan, Shark Sabers, 6 Extra Hands, 3 Lightning Effects