I don’t suppose I could convince you to come up here and fight like a spider.” – Spider-Man

This might shock some of you but I don’t actually read a lot of comics. I know I know… However, I did watch a lot of TV growing up. That’s where my main love for the character of Spider-Man comes from. Saturday mornings were the place to be if you wanted kids to see your shows and boy did they get me – hook, line, and sinker. I watched every episode of Spider-Man: The Animated Series like it was the greatest show ever and to some it was.

In this article, I’m gonna talk about the 6 potential villains and storylines the MCU could adapt next for the, now confirmed, next trilogy of Spider-Man movies. Now bear with me as my memory isn’t the best but I’ll try my hardest (meaning I’ll look up info if I need to heh) to get the stories straight. Let’s get to TWIPPING!


Kraven the Hunter appeared from what I remember in a few episodes. His whole vibe stood out to me right away. The accent, lion vest, lion fur around the collar, and what I thought was a dope mustache and goatee. He was there to take Mariah back to Africa. I couldn’t even tell you why but Spider-Man got involved and they fought for her safety. Then he got hurt, she saved him, and they left together in the whole debut episode. The idea of Kraven is what is more interesting to me. Just by scent alone, he was able to track down Peter and kidnap people close to him. Kraven returned during the Mutation storyline and teamed up with Punisher. Most of the time he was a villain. However, at times, he could also be an ally.

How would I bring him into the MCU? Easy, we just would have to change up the character a bit. First, he should still start out as a villain but more of a bounty hunter style. Who would hire him? Wilson Fisk of course! Peter is struggling to deal with college life, a relationship, and being an Avenger. Fisk wants to rid NYC of Spider-Man since he’s too friendly for his neighborhood business.



The story of the Spider-Slayers is pretty straightforward. Kingpin hires Spencer Smythe to create the first Spider-Slayer, the Black Widow. When Spider-Man defeats the machine, then Kingpin hires the man himself. The legend that is Allister Smythe. Kingpin uses him to create more Spider-Slayers, which he does. Then proceeds to have them Megazord Battlemode it up a bit by stacking one on top of another.

Allister needs to enter the MCU. How? Simple, he would come to be by a failed Spider-Man rescue mission. Peter can’t save everyone and a hero needs to come to terms with that. After failing to save Spencer, Allister vows revenge, where he would then create the Spider-Slayers with some help of course Norman Osborn. We could introduce so many others here as well. Possibly Miles Morales to help Peter with 3 huge Spider-Slayer robots. Which I don’t think Peter would mind. Introducing Miles here means he’s got Spider-Man powers already so maybe hint at his back story and flesh it out a bit more in later movies or give him his own altogether!



Next up is my man, Hobgoblin! I absolutely love this look for the character! In the animated show, he started out as a hired gun by Norman Osborn to take out the Kingpin but eventually turned on Norman. Then Norman ended up teaming up with Fisk to take down Hobgoblin in the end.

As far as the MCU goes, they would have to do some heavy lifting if they started a new trilogy off with so many new characters. However, they did manage to end up doing that very well in No Way Home. So how would I bring him into the MCU? Hobgoblin is Harry Osborne this go around. He’s also Peter’s roommate in college. Just imagine him trying to flirt with MJ and just being all around creepy, but also not wanting to live in his dad’s shadow so he could take Norman’s tech to create his own “goblin”. Personally, I would frame this around Halloween time. Let’s release it say…. 10/27/23!



Eddie Brock, the bell tower, his hatred for Peter Parker, and the symbiote. It’s all there. We’ve seen, heard, and read it all before. I want to see Spider-Man fight Venom but I don’t want to see him fight Eddie Brock. The story in the animated show was my intro to Venom and I loved it! Black Suit Spider-Man was fresh AF!

This story in the MCU could very well be a tragic one. In the MCU, I think would you blend the 2 characters who’ve been Venom. So this go-around I would have Venom be Flash Thompson. He’s so disconnected from his family in the current movies and you feel kind of bad for him. He treats Peter like crap a lot of the time but loves Spider-Man so when he sees Peter not only having a family but a family that’s made up of different people closest to him it hurts Flash. From there he starts to dislike Peter even more. The symbiote in the MCU could corrupt Flash the same way it did Eddie but his want to hurt Peter only comes after he finds out his hero Spider-Man is Peter. Flash knows a lot about Peter and thus sets him off to become Venom in a more personal story.


Spider-Carnage destroyed his universe’s New York City with the help of both Green Goblin and Hobgoblin. The Beyonder summons our Spider-Man to help fight them and restore that universe. I loved the look, the overlaying voices, and the fact that Spider-Carnage was a Peter Parker that was corrupted by the Carnage symbiote. Ben Riley’s Spider-Man costume was something else. I still say ranks at the top for this 90’s kid. Heck, I even played 90% of my Spider-Man PS4 playthrough with the Scarlet Spider outfit on.

How do we bring Spider-Carnage to the MCU? Dr. Strange again might have to be the reason. Ben Riley could have been brought to the MCU in No Way Home and has been in our universe ever since. It’s only when the Carnage symbiote realizes there’s a Venom symbiote on Earth that it decides to show up and bond with “Peter Parker” just not our Peter Parker. Ben Riley, a multi-verse variant who is trying to live his life as a normal citizen for once. The story could also introduce my #1 pick for a trilogy villain…

Madame Web


Madame Web messed with Peter’s emotions, almost like messing with his money. These are just some things you don’t do. In the show she tested Peter countless times and when Peter asked why she would only say it was for something greater. That something greater ended being The Beyonder bringing Peter to save another universe. (Also to meet Stan Lee.) Okay sounds meh on paper (watch the episodes, they’re better than my short summary) but here me out.

For me, in the MCU, Madame Web would be the villain of the whole new trilogy. She’s pulling all the strings to test Peter for the next Avengers level threat. An Avengers team that I would have a grown-up, more mature Spider-Man lead. SHE would be the reason the Venom & Carnage symbiote was brought to this universe. SHE would cause the accident that cost Spencer Smythe his life setting up Allister to create the Spider-Slayers. SHE would put Harry Osborne as Peter’s roommate. Finally, SHE would make sure Kraven was hired by Wilson Fisk.

Then again, she could also foresee Miles Morales becoming Spider-Man, Kraven turning on Fisk, Flash becoming Agent Venom, and Ben Riley sticking around to help in whatever Avengers level threat the next movie would be. She is the master manipulator to the point that she’s the villain until the very end when she reveals what the Avenger level threat is and tells Peter what she was preparing him and his team for… Kang.

Thanks for reading! If anything my hope is we get Miles Morales in the next trilogy and it allows Peter Parker to let him take over the roles after his last go with an Avengers team-up. Only time will tell but my love for the 90’s animated show is where I got my love for Spider-Man. So pulling any story from that show will be a treat. Until next time webheads. Keep on TWIPPING!