• It’s the 1970’s in 2021 and it couldn’t feel more right


  • If i have to have a con it would be Track 7 “777” it just doesn’t hit as hard as the rest of the songs here

Final Verdict

Enjoy An Evening With Silk Sonic and you won’t be disappointed.

”This Bitch” – Bruno Mars

Welcome to An Evening With Big Mike. Tonight we’re going back, way back. How far back? It’s gonna feel 1970, sound like 1980, and make you cry like it’s 1995. Lets take a look at Silk Sonic’s debut album track by track.

Track 1 – “Silk Sonic Intro” is what you expect from the ever smooth Bootsy Collins. He introduces what could very well be the best group of the 70’s that was born in the 90’s. Nothing much to get into here except get those lava lamps warmed up and ready.

Track 2 – “Leave The Door Open” the first single from the album dropped over Spring ’21 and i was hooked instantly. The piano into the bass was chefs kiss really. Then Anderson .Paak welcomed us to be dancing and laughing. Bruno Mars told us straight from the heart that he’s gonna leave the door open and i would say its tempting to walk through that mother f******. The hook has me closing my eyes thinking Boys II Men aint got sh*t on this song.

Track 3 – “Fly As Me” Is a very funky uplifting track thats really making sure that your partner is on the same level as you and you are on theres. This song is mainly Anderson .Paak asking you to meet him half way. He just wants his partner to be as fly as him and i don’t see nothing wrong with wanting everyone to be on the same level in a relationship. They even work in the classic lines of making you spell out the track title. Get them fish bowl pimp boots ready.

Track 4 – “After Last Night” Feat Thundercat and Boosty Colins. When the lyric hits ”Wishing on a shooting star” i was like did they barrow the bass from another song and nope they just recreated it perfectly here. Something about meeting someone last night and being totally blown away that you might have met the person of your dreams and you didn’t even know it. Be willing to drop it all for them and you’re willing to delete all the contacts in your phone (except your mom, lets be real). Thundercat hits the chorus just right here and Boosty being the narrator about the whole evening is really well done in letting you know how much love they felt last night.

Track 5 – “Smokin Out The Window” This Bitch! Got them paying her rent and these kids treating their house like its Chuck E Cheese! Smoking out the window had me laughing (watch the music video for Anderson .Paak being Dead). This song is about the women using him for all the wrong reasons but he stays for the equally wrong reasons and the track hits in a funky kind of way that i can picture Bruno Mars driving a Cadillac smoking his problems away.

Track 6 – “Put On A Smile” lights down low, your sitting in the room, lava lamp at peak lava (I don’t know what its called) and as you’re sitting you think about all the fake sh*t you put on for your partner. A smile while you’re dying inside. Mid song hits a high mark for Bruno Mars as he explains his smile then Anderson .Paak comes in with his verse that just explains how hard it is to fake that smile each time he’s with his partner. Lord knows he’s trying and trying. The only thing worth smiling for was her.

Track 7 – “777” a little Red Hot Chill Peppers vibe here with a more uptempo beat. “777” is them betting it all on themselves over and over again to buy whatever they want and its Las Vegas! Next time you’re betting on yourself listen to this track and get that courage you need to tackle it in the most 80’s style ever.

Track 8 – “Skate” the 2nd single off the album is Saturday Night Fever meets Jodeci. An upbeat song that should have you skating around the roller rink with your partner all night long or at least until they shut it down at 2am but theres always a parking lot to kick with your friends. Bruno even bringing back a classic line from his own debut album here and it fits so seamlessly. Slide your way on over.

Track 9 – “Blast Off” Slow drum beat hits and you just kinda wanna chill a bit then you hear what Anderson .Paak is telling you and you are transported to another atmosphere. The bass guitar feels right with the slower drum beat while they never look back once you’ve taken whatever it is they’re offering. The guitar solo about 2 mins in just feels right from where the song peaks music wise. After an evening with Silk Sonic they know the final track will have you wanting more from them.

This album is such a mash up of so many different genres that it almost feels like it could have released 50 years ago and i would believe it. They mix humor with current day love songs so flawlessly that each track is a story of ups and downs of being in love and famous. I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Top 3 Tracks
– “Leave The Door Open”
– “Smokin Out The Window”
– “Fly As Me”