Too Much Pink Energy is Dangerous” – Zordon

Welcome to my personal “Wanted” top 5 list for Hasbro’s Lightning Collection. From now until the rest of the year i’ll be dropping my Top 5 ”Wanted” list! Lets get to it!

5. Samurai Pink – Mia Watanabe

  • Accessories: Samurai Morpher, Samurai Saber, 2 Hands, Beetle Disk, Lightning Effect

4. Megaforce Pink – Emma Goodall

  • Accessories: Gosei Morpher, 2 Extra Hands, Mega Blaster, Lightning Effect

3. Dino Fury Pink Ranger – Amelia Jones

  • Accessories: Chromafury Saber, 2 Extra Hands, Gravi Dino Fury Key, Lightning Effect

2. Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger – Kendrix Morgan

  • Accessories: Quasar Saber, Savage Sword, 2 Extra Hands, Quasar Launcher, Lightning Effect
  1. Time Force Pink Ranger – Jen Scotts
  • Accessories: Chrono Sabers, Chrono Blaster, 2 Extra Hands, Lightning Effects