Transformers Legacy Cherry-Picks from All Universes and We Have a Wish List

Releasing in 2022 will be the first wave of Transformers Legacy, a new line of toys that look to continue the “G1 cartoon” style, including G1-styling other universes (ie: Transformers Prime Arcee and Bulkhead). With the universe-doors wide open we thought now would be a great time to reveal our wishlist of five Transformers we want to see in Transformers Legacy.

NOTE: Most of Legacy has been leaked already, so we’re going to do our best to pick things NOT on that list.

5) Armada Optimus Prime

We know they’ve started the figure – we’ve seen it previewed by Takara Tomy in Japan prior to the global pandemic hitting. Questions about where this figure is have had answers danced around – “Nothing to announce at this time” or just not answering the question at all.

But it’s time for Optimus Prime from Transformers Armada to make his grand return. The Armada series is celebrating 20 years in 2022 and there are a number of current fans who grew up watching the series, making it their G1 (and thus willing to get them to drop some cash on some homages and nostalgia).

With the use of Micromasters in Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege and the first part of Transformers War for Cybertron: Earthrise, a simple retool would give us Sparklplug.

Do it Hasbro!

4) G1 Ricochet/Stepper with Targetmaster (“Nebulan” or “Nightstick”)

Okay maybe I’m the only one who wants this figure released but you’re giving me Artfire and there’s a perfectly usable Studio Series 86 Jazz figure waiting for some simple recolors. I’m a fan of completionism and not having BOTH the Japanese-exclusive Targetmasters from 1987 released in modern-day tooling on my shelf is enough to drive me nuts.

You’re talking to a guy who purchased every single release of both Titans Returns and Transformers Legends.




Help me.

3) Animated Sentinel Prime

Selfishly I want this character to exist in whatever continuity we’re moving forward with. He’s – literally – The Tick as an Autobot and his dynamic with Optimus Prime (in Animated) was simply bliss to watch unfold.

Having him exist as a voyager-sized figure in somewhat G1 stylized design is enough to get my engine revving! Selfishly, recreating him to exist as an equal rival to Optimus Prime would be a welcome lore change because I’m personally really tired of Transformers chasing the AllSpark for the last 15 years.

2) Transmetal/Transmetal 2 Beast Wars Transformers

I’m not even personally collecting the beast figures from Transformers Kingdom but getting some of those classic figures in their Season 2/Season 3 forms – like Transmetal Rattrap, Transmetal Tarantulas, Transmetal Optimus Primal, Transmetal Megatron, and of course their Transmetal 2 forms (Dragon Megatron has already been discovered via a leaked listing) is top on the list.

“But we just got an Optimal Optimus” in Power of the Primes, you say.

“We also just got Rodimus Prime too,” I reply.

Let’s go all-in on the Beast Wars celebration, especially ahead of Transformers Rise of the Beasts.

1) Armada Tidal Wave


Fans have suggested retooling The Ark from Transformers Kingdom, others want a Commander-sized figure that can combine with a new Armada Megatron release (we’d need one first anyways), but one thing they all agree on – we need a new Tidal Wave. And he needs to be big.

We’re getting a titan class Cybertron Metroplex (because….?) but what fans want is their big dumb boat boy.

Count me in.

What figures do YOU want to see in Transformers Legacy? Add your opinions/thoughts in the comments below!