What the EF is EFNcool?

Glad you asked, friend!

We are a group of friends who have come together organically to form an entertainment website that covers things that we think are fucking EFN cool! Through getting to know each other over the years in various fandoms we discovered that we all share one specific thing in common – we all love things outside of the hobby we met each other in. This is our passion project to share that same enthusiasm with you, the reader.

What can you expect to see here? We’ll cover news (though not in the business of chasing scoops), review shows and movies, talk about the video game industry, stream our game playing with you, our love of music and sports – whatever the “EF” we want!

Why should you care? The founding team members are not strangers to blogging, covering news, doing reviews, or creating content. Individually – our founding team is made up of managers, marketers, business owners, and most importantly, fans. Separately (as individuals) we have worked with such companies like Bandai-Namco, Sony, Hasbro, Bluefin Brands, Shout! Factory, TOEI, nWay Games, and LootCrate. We have covered conventions you’ve heard about – San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, Toy Fair, C2E2 – as well as the smaller shows at your local hotel.

What the EF do you hope to achieve?

We hope to earn a spot in your online viewing rotation. We want to offer high quality articles that share opinions from people you want to hear about – for whatever that reason may be. To that end, we plan to expand our team in the coming weeks to increase our overall diversity and representation, because we know and agree that we can’t truly be a voice for everyone if not everyone is properly represented on our team.

We are excited for today and we are excited for the future. We truly hope you will join us on this incredible journey – wherever it takes us. Thanks for your time and hey – we think you’re pretty EFNcool, too.