Hasbro has officially revealed their plans for a 1:1 Ghostbusters Proton Pack through their Haslab program, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’ve been a fan of Ghostbusters since I was a toddler growing up in suburban Chicago back in 1989, and I consider it my very first fandom.

Back in September of 2020, Hasbro released a 1:1 prop replica of Egon Spengler’s Neutrona Wand as it appears in the film Ghostbusters: Afterlife. With that release many fans (including myself) wondered if Hasbro would attempt a 1:1 replica of the full Proton Pack, the cumbersome backpack sized device that allows the Ghostbusters to defeat and capture paranormal pests. During the Ghostbusters segment of their Hasbro PulseCon show (which occurred over the course of two days Oct 22nd-Oct 23rd), Jason Reitman, the director and co-writer of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, appeared on screen to let fans of Ghostbusters know that he was working in conjunction with Hasbro on a “super secret, super awesome Haslab project” that he “feels fans will be very excited about.”

As the segment ended with Jason throwing to a clip from the film, the camera pulled back to reveal a stagehand rolling in a barely covered 1:1 scale Proton Pack Replica and a concerned voice calling out that the camera was still on. Attached to the bottom portion of the Proton Pack was a note that read, “Top Secret! Save for 10/27 Do not reveal at Pulse Con! (GHB Haslab)”

This sent fans reeling as we got the first tease of what a Hasbro Proton Pack replica would be like. Well, we finally got all the answers we were hoping for. On 10/27 during the “PulsePremium” live stream, Hasbro announced the details of their Haslab 1:1 Ghostbusters: Afterlife Proton Pack replica.

The Haslab 1:1 Spengler Proton Pack was modeled using scans of the real life film prop used in the film. The replica features two distinct modes of play for fans of all ages. One mode replicates the classic sounds and lights of the Proton Packs from 1984’s original Ghostbusters, while the other mode replicates the modern packs used in the 2021 film. There is also a vibration motor in the pack to simulate the feel of the cyclotron humming with power. The exterior of the pack is adorned with screen accurate features including the power cell, shock mount, bumper, and for the first time in any version of the Proton Pack, a removable cyclotron cap and power switch located on the underside of the ion arm as seen in the elevator scene in the original film.

Funding for the Haslab Spengler Proton Pack will continue through 11:59PM eastern time on December 12th, 2021. The price is listed at $399.99 for both the US and Canada. Over in the UK it’ll run you £359.99. Since the goal of 7,000 backers has been met, the units will go into production and be available sometime in the Spring of 2023. There are also 4 stretch goal levels that can be reached with certain back amount numbers. At 9,000 backers, The Classic Bundle will be unlocked. At 11,000 backers, The Ghostbusters: Afterlife Bundle will unlock. At 13,000 backers, The Spengler Special will be unlocked. Finally, if the Proton Pack hits 15,000 backers, The Supernatural Stand will be made available. While the details of these unlock goals isn’t clear yet, one can assume the 4th level will be a nice display stand for your pack. (Author’s note: At the time of writing this article, no stretch goals have been reached, yet.)

Now for the tiny sliver of bummer news. It appears that the Proton Pack replica wasn’t assembled onto an ALICE frame like the ones from the films and other fan made replicas. However, it looks as though if you purchase your own ALICE frame, you may be able to attach the Haslab Proton Pack to one fairly easily. Not a huge downer, but definitely worth mentioning if you’re a diehard Ghosthead like myself.

Still, this replica with lights, sounds, and a vibration feedback motor will cost a FRACTION of what most fan made replicas with the same features would cost you. So if you’re a fan of Ghostbusters looking to get your own Proton Pack, head over to the Haslab page and check it out for yourself!