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Recently the second trailer for the loonnnggg awaited Morbius movie starring Jared Leto as Dr. Michael Morbius was released. So Big Mike and I just wanted to give our general thoughts and reaction to the trailer. 

First off if you haven’t seen the trailer, here it is: 

Mason: “For me, this trailer is a nice setup for the tone of the movie Sony is trying to convey. Having a dark overtone while also some humor. This is also the second main character installment to Sony’s Venom-verse. So while a lot of us might be tired of origin story movies, I am okay with this one. Since the 90s Spider-Man animated series I’ve always found Morbius as a polarizing character. Other than the animated series I have not had any other familiarity with the character. So in that light, I’m excited about something new and fresh.

The cameo from Michael Keaton’s Vulture is really cool in my opinion. Sony using these characters to world build and make me feel like there’s a lot going on around a single movie with the mentions of Venom and the quick shot of Spider-Man with Murderer painted over him are really cool and subtle world-building tactics to address questions we all have and leave us wanting more.

Overall since early 2020 when the original teaser dropped I have been anticipating this movie and looking forward to seeing what it has to offer. I am keeping my expectations low so as to not be disappointed. Hoping to all in all go see the movie and enjoy what it has to offer!”

Big Mike: “I don’t read a lot of comics so my only reference for Morbius is the 90’s animated Spider-Man show. He wanted plasma then, now it’s blood, and the trailer showed that very clearly and I was kind of into it. Leto’s humor at the end got me to chuckle and I liked the moody tone the trailer sets, I was into it but then as I watched it for the 2nd time I started to get upset at Sony for continuing to muddy the damn water with their Spider-Man universe and how it relates to the MCU. End of the day I want them to stop and let Marvel control it again but I have a gut feeling Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will leave the MCU in grand fashion and join Sony’s mix mash of whatever they have the rights to the universe at the end of their current deal with Marvel.”

Morbius arrives only in theaters January 2022

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Mason M.