Let’s do a little bit of history before we get in to the meat of this story.

For 25 years Power Rangers was exclusively a Bandai product worldwide. And then the guy who created Power Rangers in the United States – Haim Saban – decided to sell the brand (again) but this time to his old friend Brian Goldner at Hasbro. So now in all territories around the world (except Japan and the rest of SE Asia) the Power Rangers are the property of Hasbro.

So what’s the big deal?

Toy collectors know that anything made in Japan that is based on a Super Sentai series that has been adapted around the world as Power Rangers will never see a release outside of Japan (because then Hasbro would be paying Bandai to make toys which is silly because Hasbro makes toys). We all on the same page now? Excellent.

Bandai has a line of smaller (around 4.5″ inches) of articulated figures called Shodo. Typically these have been done for Kamen Rider – a show with similar roots as Super Sentai – but at times Bandai will dip their toes back in to Super Sentai figures. This is what happened here – with Super Shodo Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.

This is one stacked lineup of figures/accessories in a single box. It’s going to cost you over $100 to import this to North America. But it’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, right? Fire up Google Search and check out those Japan online stores for your chance to order this set.